What is eM Keybook?
Posted by Olivia Rust on 18 June 2021 15:35

eM Keybook is a public encryption key directory managed by the company eM Client.
It’s an online service where you can upload and manage your public keys so anyone can easily send you encrypted messages and you can easily get public keys of the recipients you want to send encrypted messages to.

eM Keybook stores Public keys that you upload and allows for the exchange of Public keys between all eM Client users. If the contact you’re writing a new message to has a Public key in the eM Keybook directory, eM Client will automatically download and apply it for you when you enable encryption for your message.

eM Keybook does not save nor have access to any of your Private keys or passwords. It does not give anyone access to your encrypted messages or save any of your encrypted messages on our servers.

Check out the article about Signing and Encryption for additional information.

Read more in our blog: eM Keybook: Email privacy for everyone and in the Documentation: About eM Keybook.

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