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Gmail - how do I set my account as POP?
Posted by Olivia Rust on 12 June 2018 15:40
While the Gmail's default (and preferred email protocol) is IMAP, we definitely support a POP protocol option as well. However, since it's not the available setting from Autodiscover, you will need to set up the account manually.
Gmail has special secure login called oAuth, which natively supports only IMAP. However, a secure POP setup can still be created thanks to App-specific passwords.
You will just need to Allow access for Less secure apps (as POP connection is seen as less secure than IMAP with oAuth login), enable POP protocol in your Gmail settings and then enable 2-factor authentication to create an App password, a special password which will be used only for eM Client (so your actual Google password is safe).

Manual setup in eM Client is then available in the New Account window under Mail>Other. Here you can select the POP protocol, input your server settings and create your desired POP setup. Make sure to use the created App password instead of your main Google password.
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