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eM Client 9 for macOS - messages not loading
Posted by Olivia Rust on 09 May 2022 13:22

Some users with the latest eM Client 9 for macOS might have encountered an issue where their messages never finish loading, even though clicking REPLY shows that the message text is available. We have tracked this issue to App-specific region settings, so if you have encountered this issue, please follow these steps:

1. Go to System preferences on your mac device
2. Open Languages and Region
3. Click on the Apps section
4. If there is any app-specific setting for eM Client, remove it from the list (especially if the region is set to Sweden or Norway).
5. Save this change and reload eM Client - your messages should show up correctly now.

Alternative, if there was no app-specific setting

1. Add eM Client here and set English as a language.

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