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Uploaded Public Key not Verified
Posted by Olivia Sadler on 13 November 2020 17:51

After uploading your Public Key to eM Keybook, you might have received a message saying:

Uploaded Public Key not Verified

Public Key John Doe for email address was uploaded to eM Keybook, but has not been verified yet. Should eM Client keep monitoring for incoming verification emails?

This occurs when you have not yet checked your email to confirm that you would like to upload your Public PGP Key to eM Client. The message you should be looking for is called "Verification email from eM Keybook" and it will be sent from

Furthermore, some email accounts (such as,, or have a problem if checking the message through normal means does not trigger the confirmation.

The workaround for this problem is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the "Verification email from eM Keybook" message in your list of emails in your inbox and select "Save as" and then save the email as a .eml file.
  2. With this .eml file you exported, go to your file explorer in Windows where you've saved it on your computer and open the file with eM Client.
  3. When the .eml file is open click Menu > Message > Copy to Folder
  4. Choose where you want to save a copy of the message in eM Client.
  5. Navigate to where you saved the file within eM Client, and it should be displaying/working correctly and the verification will trigger.
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