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Does eM Client support Notes? PRO
Posted by Olivia Rust on 08 April 2020 16:05

Yes, eM Client 8 supports Notes feature. This feature is available only to the Pro license users.

The Notes are a new left pane section that you can use. In addition to Local Notes (saved in Local folders), you can also synchronize Notes for Exchange, Office365 and IceWarp accounts.

You can create, edit and delete notes, manage them with folders and tags but also forward them as a message. When you forward a note the Title is used as Subject while the body of the note will be used as the message body.

Please mind that these Note services cannot currently be implemented:

  • Google Keep does not allow access from external apps
  • Evernote plans to shut down the API access for external apps soon
  • iCloud notes - no public API available for access from external apps

Read more in the Documentation: About Notes

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